Monday, September 26, 2011

Honing my craft

I figure, any artist or writer would probably say it takes time to perfect (if perfection is even possible) a craft.  Thus, things like practice, education, exposure, inspiration, etc. help an artist find their voice in their craft.

For a writer, of course, it is important to become very familiar with aspects of writing (tenses, points of view, grammar rules, so on).  I have taken classes in writing and have attended workshops, but my newest endeavor for honing my craft is reading the book "Writing Picture Books: A Hands-On Guide From Story Creation to Publication" by Ann Whitford Paul.  This book was recommended to me by a few of my fellow critique group members.  I have been reading it thoroughly in attempts to get as much out of it as possible.  So far, this book has been a review for me, as well as an introduction to some concepts that are new to me.  I especially like how the author gives book examples to illustrate points she is making, and I really like the hands on activities she includes at the conclusion of each chapter.  I've already come up with a few book ideas while reading her book!

If you are hoping to write a Picture book or a Picture storybook, I too would suggest picking up this book.

Writing Picture Books: A Hands-On Guide From Story Creation to Publication
By Ann Whitford Paul

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  1. Thanks for the recommendation. That's a book I haven't read, and it sounds really useful for those of us who are trying to hone the craft.