Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Silly Post on Booga-Booga

Do you believe in good booga-booga? 

I wouldn’t even say I do, in my regular day-to-day life.  But it’s funny, each time I close an envelope to send my work out to publishers/agents/editors, I feel compelled to pour in a little booga-booga for luck (wiggling fingers and all). 

Do you know what I mean by this? 

I’m not using it in the sense of scaring someone, like the Urban Dictionary says.  Not thinking about the boogeyman that has a similar sound.  Not even thinking of it in the voodoo sense that it is associated—you know, cursing others. 

No, instead, in my head, booga-booga is that special energy you can put into something that lets you know everything will be okay.  It’s good vibes.  Positivity.  Optimism.  Faith.  Maybe you know it by another name?  But even if you do, I am re-defining booga-booga today, in my case, to be that little extra something that’ll get my work noticed.

Or maybe I just need a four leaf clover.

Well, anyway, my husband and I put some good booga-booga into the envelope right before I sealed it to send it off.  Hopefully it’ll be enough to get me a worthwhile response.


Cheers to good booga-booga! 

And Happy March!


  1. So THAT's the problem. We forgot the booga-booga when we sent the poems!

  2. Hi, JaNay, I just awarded you the Liebster Award on my blog. Go take a peek at the rules for recipients.

    I kinda like the idea of booga booga. :-)

  3. Thanks Mitty! I'm super excited!