Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year in 2013

With each New Year, brings a time for reflection.  On a personal realm, this year has been incredibly eventful for me.  1) I got married (YAY!!!), 2) I welcomed a new nephew into the world (HOORAY!!!), 3) I started teaching a community college class (AWESOME!!!), and 4) I was blessed with many, wonderful experiences (Hawaii wedding and honeymoon, watching the Endeavor space shuttle move through the streets of LA, bringing in the New Year on the Las Vegas strip, and so on and so on and so on).

And aren’t these experiences the stuff of our stories?  Inspirations packaged in our everyday lives.  Sometimes, we may not realize that these happenings have inspired anything, until we find them captured on our pages, maybe looking a little different than we had actually experienced; but now being experienced by our characters.  Though this year didn't bring my ultimate writing goal of publication, it was definitely a momentous year.

I have had a number of positive steps in the right direction:

1)      Myself and a fellow writer (correction: a fellow fabulous writer) Rosi Hollinbeck completed and submitted our poetry collection about seasons.  What a fantastic accomplishment that was, especially the number of poems we wrote.
2)      I attended a conference and received positive feedback from an editor on one of my manuscripts, in addition to the names of two houses I should consider submitting it to.
3)      I sent out a large number of manuscripts to agents and publishing houses, and eagerly await a response.
4)      I have joined a middle grade critique group, and am working diligently on improving my middle grade book.  This was a big step for me, especially since my previous foci has always been picture books and poetry.

And now, #5, the most exciting news of all (duhn-duhn-nuh-nuuuuh!):

5)      I received a bite for one of my manuscripts from a publishing house, who deemed it “charming” and asked me if it were still available.  It feels incredible to receive an interest from an editor, and I hope the house decides to pursue it (fingers, toes, arms, legs, and eyes crossed!).

I have a great feeling about this year, and I am hoping that it too will be filled with many more positive experiences, and even larger strides toward my goal of becoming a published author.
Moving forward!


  1. Congratulations, JaNay, on all the many wonderful happenings in 2012, and especially congratulations on the "bite"! May this be the year you see publication of one of your many wonderful manuscripts.

  2. Wow! What a great year indeed. Thanks for pusing me along on getting the poetry collection out. Now we wait ... and wait ... and wait. I wish you a happy, successful, and prosperous new year.

  3. Thank you Mitty and Rosi!!!

    I think this will be a great year for ALL THREE of us!!!