Sunday, November 11, 2012


The quickly approaching holidays always puts me into a nostalgic mood.  I reminisce about happy childhood times that I have shared with family and friends.  I think about the winter drives down Christmas tree lane where the streets were lined with impeccably decorated houses—lights twinkling brightly.  Or the short lived tradition of eating at IHOP (complete with hot cocoa stirred with a candy cane) before going to the tree farm to select the perfect tree—and all the eight-legged stowaway “friends” that also found their way into our home.   I think about family members coming from all parts of California to celebrate Thanksgiving at Grandma’s house.  Or going from one family member’s house to the next, and somehow finding a space in our stomachs to pack away a few more bites of holiday treats.  I think about New Year’s Eve sparkling apple cider, and seafood gumbo on New Year’s Day.  I think about the smiles we shared, the games we played, and the memories we built together.

 And as I reminisce about times that fill my heart, I endeavor to capture this warmth in the stories that I write.  How wonderful it would be that each time someone reads a story I write, they are filled with happiness, even though their experiences may have been different than mine.  Isn’t that a great goal to strive for?  Writing that captures and warms the hearts of all who read it? 

I think that if I am able to perfect infusing these happy feelings into my writing, that I will be forever preserving a childhood that I knew, and that was so wonderful to me.

But of course, I think that taking the time to reflect on my own happy memories is a great first step toward this goal.  Plus, it’s often an inspiration for new stories to come.

Happy November, everyone!


  1. Beautiful post, JaNay. I've been reflecting on past happy memories, too. This is my favorite time of the year with my favorite holidays, and while my own family life was hectic while I was growing up, I have many happy memories swirling around the very time you mention. It's the cold time of the year with the warmest memories, due to those holidays, isn't it! And you capture the feeling very well in this post.

  2. Nice post, JaNay. This brings up a lot of warm memories for me. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and this year will be especially nice as both my daughters will be here. We will have a nice full house and make some new warm memories.