Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Puzzle of Poetry

Puzzle of Poetry
by JaNay Brown

Picking perfect pieces
To portray a poignant point.
Pulling, tugging, stretching words
Forcing feeling. Force a fit.

Turning words over and over
Grasping blindly for a feel.

Is it flat?

Does it flow like summer rivers,
Or fall down like autumn leaves?
Does it spring from fruitless pages,
Or sting cold like winter’s breeze?

Does it fit?

Dragging desperate details
Into dumb deflated deals.
Smashing, thrashing, pushing phrases
Play on words. Pray for poem.


  1. Thought I'd share a poem today. It's an old one I wrote some time ago describing my "rocky" relationship with poetry. :)

  2. You have expressed it very beautifully!

    Short Poems

  3. Ha-ha, I know the feeling well. You captured the process very well!